Playing outside

When I was a kid, I pretty much liked to play inside. That was where my chapter books were, and it was climate-controlled. Also, I did NOT like to get my stirrup pants and custom-puffy-painted t-shirts dirty.

(Oh, did you want a picture to illustrate my puffy-painted-t-shirt phase? Well, OK.)

mom's pics 7

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a much bigger fan of playing outside. I love running outside, especially in the cool weather we’re having right now. So, I was really excited to try the Living History Farms Off Road Race, a seven-mile celebration of costumes, creek-crossing, mud, and hills. I had two friends from law school come to town for the occasion, too, so it served as a much-needed reunion.

Verdict: most fun I’ve ever had at a race. I’m happy to report that I crossed all of the creeks (there were maybe six?) and crawled my way up the banks without breaking, spraining, tearing, or dislocating anything. I almost didn’t make it up the last creek bank because I couldn’t find a foothold and fell back in, but a mysterious man dressed like a Lego Person lent me a hand and pulled me out. I fell in love just a little bit. He was wearing a mask, but I surmise that he looked like this.




As you can see, we didn’t go in costume. I guess I didn’t know costumes were such a big thing at this race, but it definitely made the course entertaining. I welcome ideas for next year’s costume, because I think I’ll probably be back again.

I have no recipe this week–sorry, compadres. Sometimes there’s lots going on and a girl just needs to live on baked sweet potatoes and Dr. Praeger burgers for awhile. I’ll try to get back on my game for a holiday meal recap next week. And speaking of–happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I’m sending my love and virtual pie to each and every one of ya.

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