New digs!

Welcome to the new She Sings at the Table headquarters!


I moved this weekend from my parents’ house to an apartment in the Sherman Hill neighborhood, which my mom has declared “very young and hip and urban, but in a quaint sort of way.” I totally agree, and am hoping the neighborhood will rub off on me. Probably, by this time next year I will be living in this apartment with a very hip, bespectacled gentleman-friend who owns his own graphic design business in the East Village. We’ll ride retro bicycles to the sculpture park by the library and picnic on vegetarian pho and macarons.

Anyway! There are lovely south-facing windows (very conducive to food photography).


There are two bedrooms, one of which has these nifty sliding metal doors.


Right now it is a “piles-of-crap-I-will-deal-with-later” room, but soon I hope to build a pillow fort in there and turn it into a meditation suite.

There is also a bathroom, as you would imagine, but I didn’t take a picture of that because we’ve all seen a toilet before.

Most importantly, here’s the current state of the kitchen:


I still need to hang some things on the wall and alphabetize my spices, OBviously, but the important things are all in place!


Thank you for taking the tour, feel free to visit anytime!

I hope you all have a marvelous Valentine’s Day.  I’m planning to spend the holiday at Zumba, but if any of you out there have been waiting for V-Day to declare your secret love for me, I would like two dozen red roses and this cake.



4 thoughts on “New digs!

  1. Darcy,

    I love your new digs–especially that red Kitchenaid mixer! Your kitchen table looks exactly like the one we have. We painted it black a few years ago, but it was originally white. Your apartment will be a wonderful place to test all of your new recipes. If you ever need a taste tester, I know that Laura would be more than happy to stop by! Happy cooking!!!

  2. SWANNNNNK…I can’t wait to come here. Do you have a guest litter box yet? I can bring my own, but the logistics will be a challenge.

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