Dam to Dam + Pleasantville Pig-out, Volume II

I forgot about this blog. I got busy! Things are happening in Des Moines! Don’t let anybody tell you any different.

Last Saturday was a repeat of a big day that I recapped last year in this post. First, I ran the Dam to Dam 20K with my lovely and brilliant law school friend Christina.


I had a blast! Except for the few parts where I thought I might die. And, we finished a full 30 minutes faster than my time last year. I do not wish to discuss my time from last year :) I haven’t been cooking and blogging and such because I was actually good about following a training plan this year, and it took up a lot of time. I have to keep it up for a few more weeks, because I’m doing a half marathon on June 23rd. IN ALASKA! <———just a little bit excited about that.

After we basked in the glory of a finished race for awhile and showered, Christina and her husband and I headed to Pleasantville, where the rest of my family was already hard at work serving BBQ samples to the masses at the Pleasantville Pig-out. This was the second annual Pig-out, and there was a great crowd for the BBQ contest! I didn’t try any of the food, you know, because I don’t eat meatstuffs, but it seemed to go over very well with the passersby. The team won the “People’s Choice” award in the miscellaneous category, and a very grand time was had by all! I hope this becomes a long-running tradition for us to enter the contest, because it’s such a fun little town festival. Some choice photos from the afternoon:






Alas, I have no recipe today. I’ll try to get my act together before too long and cook something besides Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!